The time I met Mr Packam.

The time I met Mr Packam.

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilage of meeting Chris at Dorking Halls.Chris was there to show and explain some of his photographs and trips away.I managed to get a signed copy of his calander.

Then a week later I went to Doug Allans talk about his experiences in the frozen poles,he was extremly helpful and gave me some realley great advice.

Last but most definatly not least I went to Oliver wilkes’s evening,held at Warnam Nature Reserve,on how to improve your photography using photoshop.If you have not heard of Oli then by all means check out his website and comment on his work as it will greatly improve his chances of getting into University.

Overall I hold all three in high regard,so my question to you is could you be the next Chris Packam,Doug Allan or Oliver Wilkes ?

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