Unexpected visitor and Garden Wildlife

Unexpected visitor and Garden Wildlife

A couple of days ago,26/2/12-8:00am and the 27/2/12-8:50am,I set myself the task of photographing garden birds.Well here an overview of the two days-

Day 1
8:23-Blue tits have started checking the bird box near the pond.
8:30-Male robins singing.
8:34-2 robins on the feeders.
8:37-Jackdaw had a quick look but left shortly after arriving.
8:40-Squirrel turns up,leaves 5 mins laters.Great tits turn up but leave shortly after.
9:04-Blue tit checks pond box again.
9:05-Goldcrest spotted!
9:18-Great tits on feeders,very wary and leave shortly.Robin feeds on the bird table.
9:23-Jay arrives and makes a strange cat-like purr.
9:25-Jay leaves.
9:40-I leave the hide.

Day 2
8:53 I enter hide.
8:55-Fox(Frank) walks past fence.
8:58-Blue tits return to check pond box.
9:07-Blue tit on fatball feeder,leaves.
9:09-Great tits chech the pine tree box.
9:11-Pair of long-tailed tits on fatball feeder.
9:12-Pair of blackbirds in neighboring garden.
9:15-Great tits on feeders.
9:20-Great tits leave,blue tits back on feeders,leave.
9:25-Pair of collard doves in neighboring tree.
9:30-I leave hide.

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