Nower Wood Open Day

Nower Wood Open Day
Hi all,
Today I went up to Nower wood open day,there was loads of things to get younger kids into wildlife.I also saw bats,smooth sanke and a whole host of other things.Returning home we decided to go to the Plough,cold harbour just at the bottom of Leith hill.Whilst drinking an ice cold lemonade I saw:

3 Male Pheasants
3 Rabbits
2 Wood pigeons
3 Swallows
3 Blackbirds
4 Jackdaws
1 Common Buzzard
1 Chaffinch
3 Bluetits
1 Robin
1 Dunnock
1 Grey Squirrel
1 Magpie
6 Black headed gulls
1 House sparrow

After arriving home I headed out on my own to a couple of local farmers fields were I saw:

1 Male Phesant
3 Carrion crows
7 Wood pigeons
3 Magpies
1 Jackdaw
5 Blackbirds
2 Robins
3 Chaffinches
2 Long-tailed tits
2 Swifts
1 House martin
1 Fox
1 Collard dove
1 Whitethroat

Thanks Josh

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