Sighting’s list:

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This evening I went to Canons farm with David,conditions were sunny and breezy. During the course of the evening we saw; 3 Black birds first seen on the telegraph wires,over 30 Woodpigeons most accounted for in Tart’s field,9 Carrion crows were sighted on the Deralict Barn near Reads Rest with fledglings,my first Grey Heron was spotted by David in Bog field where a small pool had formed I saw 1 later on flying towards Banstaed woods,Yellow hammers where everywhere(total of 8) with the first sightingat Reads rest, at least 11 Linnets where seen fliting from one hedge to another, I sptted a single song thrush on one of the telegraph wires,2 Whitethroats were accounted for sighted first at Reads rest, David then spotted 2 Goldfiches singing  together on wires near Reads rest,Chaffinches were frequent in the area(total of 6) sighted mainly at Reads rest,2 Dunnocks at the Barn near Reads rest, the Skylarks were still singing(2 spotted) 1 showing well on a post near Horse pasture,3 Starlings were seen flying over Skylark field,Black stilll sing,3 magpies were seen in the  top left corner of Skylark field(looking from path leading to bullfinch avenue) and 3 Ring-necked Parakeets were seen flying over Stoney nob and Perrots by wood.

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