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During the course of yet another evening we saw: 1 fledgling Robin near a puddle that had formed by Canons farmhouse,male(7) and female (5) Blackirds were showing mainly on the telegraph wires,flocks of Feral rock doves(11) could be seen on the playing field,Linnets were frequent as usual with 9 showing,Chaffinches(4) could be seen flying from hedge to hedge,male House Sparrows(5) were seen mainly on the wires with no females spotted, a single Buzzard was seen soaring over the treeline,large flocks of Starlings(41) were seen,Wood pigeons(4) wern’t as frequent as yesterday, Carrion crows(6) were still hanging around with young,a single Kestral was seen hunting over Canons barn,1 female Mallard flew across Bog field,only 3 Magpies were seen today, my first Little Owl was seen on the east side of Horse pasture,Rabbits(3) could also be seen on the playing field,Bluetits(3) were seen mainly at reads rest,Songthrushes(4) were out also,Goldfinches(6) were seen singing on the telegraph wires,1 Dunnock was spotted by David,3 Yellowhammers seen mainly in Infront Georges field,My first Sparrowhawk was spotted flying oner Infront Georges fiel heading towards Reads rest,Skylarks(3) were singing constantly, a Green woodpecker was sighted in Infront Georges field,Whitethroats(2) were seen in Harrier field and lastly 1 Herring gull was spotted as we were leaving.

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