Catch-up !!!

Catch-up !!!
I have loads to talk about so here goes.
Well I would firstly like to talk about my awsome time at Polsdon Lacey, where I saw a Red-legged partridge and a couple of rabbits. The partridge was quite a treat as I had only ever seen ONE before. I would also like to say thanks to Sophie ellis as she has aloud me to be the wildlife photographer for Polsdon lacey, so thanks for helping me out Sophie(will really improve my pics). I took tons of pics but here are two of the best.

Today I went to the British wildlife centre with David. We saw all the residence including the adder, despite the damp weather. I managed to grab a few good shots and whilst doing so I had a red squirrel climb up my leg 😀 In the wetland reserve I was feeding the carp which David found quite amusing.

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