A welcome break

A welcome break

Sorry I have not posted for a short time, I have been away in sunny,sometimes, Cornwall with the family.To start with the first two days it was horrible with on and off rain, including some very heavy down pours which meant the camera staying in the bag because it was so bad. To be fair though most of the wildlife had gone to shelter and it didn’t matter to much. But then after that things really picked up, the temperature was up in the mid 20’s and by day 2 I had sun burn(teach me to listen to mum). We took many trips to the beach and to the harbor as well as some National trust places. Me and Dad also went to Dartmoor for the photography side of the holidays and took back some nice images. One image a black and white landscape was taken at Dartmoor prison , which I’m told was featured in an episode of the of the British Comedy “The Goon show”, starring Spike Milligan and Harry Secombe. I took many pictures but I have a couple of favourites which I will talk about in a moment.

As I’m sure many of you will have visited the seaside this holiday and will have been pestered by seagulls. A quick/sudden movement soon sends up a flurry of wings but this one was dedicated to the job. He just wouldn’t budge so I  let him have a few chips, and this allowed me to get a really nice wide angle which also shows a bit more in the way of habitat, the wooden ship is the icing on the cake. Also I watch shooting blind as I couldn’t look through the view finder so you can imagine my joy when I saw that the tongue was sticking out and the chip in mid air, this was my favourite shot of the trip.

As you can see I am more of a wildlife photographer who dabbles in landscape photography from time to time, but being on Dartmoor a place that is the epitome of  ruggedness and the ancient landscape seems to draw you in .  So with the help of Dad, a pro when it comes to landscape photography, I tried to get some shots. It didn’t always work and I took lots of shots but this one stuck out to me, the decision to change it to a monochrome image came quite by chance, a bit like the image it’s self. On the journey home I had been reading “The Landscape photographers bible” by Tony Worobiec and had been taking a look at the monochrome section , he said that an standard image in colour can look more moody in monochrome. So on returning home I changed the image and completely understood what he had said. So when you are out next time try shooting for monochrome. A tip I picked up from the book is to squint your eyes as it allows you to see tones better.

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