Just a quickie

Just a quickie

I took a photography friend out to the local duck pond today to show her the basics of an SLR. I gave her my old 20D coupled with my Sigma 120-400mm lens whilst I used my 7D with a Canon 400mm F2.8. It was really good for me to get out an practice as I have not really been out much after I came back from my holidays.

This image was taken at the start of the session, I spotted this heron yawning from a tree in the middle of the pond. This is probably my favorite image of the session as I enjoy the cluttered background and foreground which seems to frame the heron in the picture.

This was taken at the same time as the heron image. I took a leaf of of Eve Tucker’s photography photography and used the reflections in the water to add background interest. I simply like the image because of the red reflection of the bus which gives it that urban feel.

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