Hobbies and Tawnies

Hobbies and Tawnies

Yesterday my mate took me down to the local wood to see if we could track down the local tawny owls down, an exiting prospect for me as I had never seen one before. We had a little time to spare, waiting for the sun to set, so we went to look for the local hobbies.

At first they proved quite tricky but then they gave themselves away by their characteristic call, so we managed to get some really nice views but darkness was setting in so I had to take some silhouette shots which turned out to look quite nice. The bird behind the branch was a surprise to me as it had flown in whilst I was photographing the main bird so it was nice to have the two in the picture.

And as for the tawny owls we saw two which was awesome, unfortunately it was getting dark and mum wanted me back by 9 pm so I had to leave the owls for the night, maybe I will go back in the winter when the leaves have dropped so I have a better chance of seeing them.

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