A ruff day

A ruff day

Today I headed off with fellow photographers David Campbell and Danielle Connor to the Isle of Sheppey. Waking up at 5:30 am I was switched the TV on for a bit only to hear of a major storm which would most likely cause severe delays. I thought it was going to be murder but it wasn’t as bad as they made it out to be. Firstly we checked out Leysdown to try and photograph some waders but we were too late because the tide had receded quite a way out so we were cold and the winds really started to pick up.

We got in the car but there was a problem, the car wouldn’t start so me and Danielle had to push it out of the mud and get rocks from the beach to wedge under the wheels. We got covered in mud but it was satisfying after we got it out.

After our little problem we drove down the entrance track to Elmley Marshes and saw many lapwings, a couple of marsh harrier, two or three golden plover and the highlights were the ever showy ruff with them coming super close to the car. This individual was just caught in the moment swallowing a worm. After which the weather really got nasty so we headed back after what I could only describe as an eventful day !

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