Urban Foxes Continued…

So we are well into the new year and Spring is fast approaching. Recently I have been working on the second part of my fox project, working with the foxes at night. As you can imagine this has been a lot harder and has bought it’s own difficulties but the rewards are hugely satisfying. As you know I have been working with my foxes on and off since April last year and has been a great experience for me seen as it has been my first project which I have invested a lot of time into. The second part as I have said is photographing them at night, now to do this I have been working with camera trap. These are small units in which an infrared beam is broken by subject and sets off the camera, I have had varying degrees of success with them and have now got some really cool shots. I hope to be working on the foxes for at least another month or so. After that I will be photographing another animal which has set of the camera trap and one that is fairly overlooked, so I will leave you guessing.

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