Winter’s Morning

Winter’s Morning

The weather had been forecast for heavy frost for this morning but that wasn’t the case when me and my Dad travelled to the Surrey Hills.

It’s 6am and I’ve just got ready to go out with my Dad to hopefully shoot some frosty scenes in the Surrey hills. At this time in the morning it was still pretty dark so I couldn’t see much beyond the car headlights as we made our way along the drove roads in the hills. We then parked up and started to make our way to the top of the hill. It was a bit of a slog going up but when I reached the top we were both treated to a beautiful sunrise, the sun was a neat orange circle accompanied by a few wandering clouds.


After taking my time photographing the sunrise I joined my Dad down in the woodlands where the sun lite up the trees like a glowing fire. It often takes me a while to find a composition that I am happy with, not because I am picky but because it takes me a little longer to find a composition within the landscape. Once I had found a composition I then took two exposures, one a stop over exposed and one under. I knew that the light was quite harsh but I would be able to blend the two exposures together once I got home.


As I walked up through the bracken I came across this tree firmly rooted into the hillside. It is not to everyone’s taste but I quite enjoyed the way the green moss covered roots flowed out over the leafy forest floor.


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