Wildlife Weekend

Wildlife Weekend

This blog has been sitting dormant for quite a while but now I will hopefully update you guys more often. I thought what better way to kick-start this blog then with a recent weekend spent with two talented photographers, Harry Read and Kyle Moore.


I have known both of them for ages and it was time for a heavily due catch up so I invited them to stay with me for a weekend and head out for a wildlife-filled weekend.  It started by me meeting the boys in London for a bit of urban fox photography. As soon as we got out of the car we had spotted one patrolling the area. We got our gear together and then we proceeded to slowly get closer until she became accustomed to our presence.  It is always a pleasure to work with Britain’s most common mammal, working with them for over three years has made me a real lover of this urban ambassador.


We worked with this young vixen for about twenty minutes before she wandered off into the undergrowth.  We too left the area and headed home as the guys had been driving pretty much all day.  When we arrived back at my place we planned out our next day of photography. Red deer and red kite were the subjects and boy were we in for a treat…


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