Welsh Road Trip

Welsh Road Trip

So, this past week I have spent my time in Wales, travelling with my Dad in our campervan. It’s always been a dream of my Dad’s to own a campervan and he often heads to Wales on quite a few landscape trips. This time he invited me along to spend a few days in the mountains to get away from the hustle and bustle of London.

After a six hour, long leg cramping journey the views more than made up for it, a completely different landscape from the London skyline. We soon got the campervan ready and started to get set up in preparation for our first photo mission. I was especially keen to fly the Yuneec drone, and what a place for a first flight.


Blaenau Ffestiniog was our location for the evening and as historic mining towns go it was quite spectacular. It is home to two hugely impressive dam structures, my main hopes where pinned on the higher Stwlan dam (elevation of 1650 feet above sea level). The large towering cliff faces provide homes for an array of species. One that was of note was the Ring Ouzel, this blackbird- like bird is a mountain specialist and was amazing to see as it was a brand-new species for me. The cliff faces also attract climbers and it took my Dad quite a while to make out two tiny red figures tucked closely to the rock face.


Finally reaching the top we were met with outstanding views of the surrounding mountains and a bird’s eye view of the old mining town. Talking of a bird’s eye view it was time to get the drone up in the air. Wind was raising my apprehension of the maiden flight but once up in the air it was great to the mountains from a completely new perspective. I was also able to capture an aerial image of the Stwlan dam, it gives you an idea of just how impressive this structure is.


After landing the drone the light started to fade quickly, so we started to head back accompanied by the songs and calls of the Ring Ouzels. Back at the camp site Dad cooked up some home-made chicken pitas, you knew it was ready when the smoke started to rise into the top sleeping compartment!


So that’s it for the first part of my Welsh Road Trip blog, check back soon to see more !

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