Waterfalls !

Waterfalls !

Day two of our trip was all about waterfalls, something we come up short of in London. The weather was cold and grey but with the thought of raging waterfalls spurred us on. Pulling up on the side of an unassuming lay-by I was unsure of what to expect.

The route to the waterfalls took us past a dense pine forest where the topography of the land started to slope downwards, a sure sign that the falls were close by. The noise of the rushing water led us to the beginnings of the main falls; it was here that we got our first photos. The cloudy skies made for great long exposure conditions. My main combination was the Manfrotto ND500 and a Manfrotto Circular Polariser on a Canon 24-70mm F4.

The above image is one of my favourite shots, for me it has a fantastical aura about it and I could imagine it as the setting for any fairytale film.

_MG_1922 _MG_1952

We then made our way to the much larger waterfall at the bottom of the gorge. I really wanted to get a shot to show a sense of scale of how big the falls where and the towering cliff faces either side. To do this I used a wireless remote to fire the camera, running around cliff faces in ten seconds for the camera timer was probably not the best idea. I am pretty pleased with the resulting image and it really shows off the magnitude of the falls.

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