The Most Bizarre Place

The Most Bizarre Place

Our third day was a tourist type day. We decided to visit Port Merion, a setting for a famous TV drama ‘The Prisoner’. Don’t ask me what it’s about I haven’t got a clue, that a question for my prehistoric dad who says he saw all the episodes.

Although it wasn’t my usual location it was quite surreal walking around what appeared to be a town cut off from the modern day. From the multi-coloured building that would make the perfect Andy Warhol pop art to the giant wooden chess set in the town square it really was the most bizarre town.


Whilst walking around this crazy place I managed to grab a shot of a black bird against the pink and turquoise buildings. It made for a nice contrast and although it’s never going to win any competitions I still rather enjoy its simplicity.


As we made our way out of the town we followed the coastal path linking the estuary to the town. It was a great place for sweeping beach shots. Along the way to the main viewpoint I spotted a Barrel jellyfish washed up along the high tide mark, it was huge and by far the largest jellyfish I have ever encountered.

Now when we got to the viewpoint I wasn’t sure how to tackle some beach landscape photography, especially in the early afternoon. But I figured I might as well have a go seen as we have come all this way. It was only really when I got the images back on my laptop and converted them I saw that at least one of them could perhaps work. I must point out that I envisaged the image in black and white when shooting.


I think it will be a marmite image and for a pretty bright sunny day I thought it was a good attempt, although for much better landscape photography I would implore you to check out my Dad’s work; he’s much better ( ! He thinks he’s a bit of a model as well.


We then proceed to Llyn Gwynant to check in and shoot some panoramas. I’d highly recommend the campsite at the end of the lake as it provides easy access to Mt Snowdon and the walk through the valley is a great starter before the main climb.



Whilst Dad was busy taking panoramas I opted for a vertical and shot this river with part of the ridge surrounding Mt Snowdon.  I’ll leave it at that and be sure to check back soon to hear about drone crashes and climbing mountains !


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