Climbing A Giant

Climbing A Giant

On day four we switched campsites and headed deeper into the mountains, the next stop was Cadar Idris. Standing at the elevation of 893m it’s one of the larger mountain ridges. A farm just South-East of the main ridge would be our home for the next two nights.

On arrival we saw Grey wagtails, Dippers and a whole host of bird life. After a quick lunch we went and walked down to the National Trust Tyn Y Coed building. It was here that we discovered that they had Lesser Horseshoe bats roosting in the attic. It was pretty cool to see them as they are a species that I haven’t seen before.

We then slowly headed up the gorge, following the raging waterfall till we reached the clearing at the top. We managed to grab a few shots of the river at the clearing, getting into the river helped to achieve a much lower, more pleasing angle.

The Yuneec drone was also great for shooting a few aerials, here’s one of them !

I should also point out that the new rucksack I had for this trip was the Manfrotto Off Road rucksack. It performed brilliantly and helped me to pack light for the trip. It took a few knocks and bumps along the hike and the padding defiantly held its own. The bright colours of the rucksack helped me to locate the rucksack when I put it down after I went off to take a shot, especially useful when you were hiking above the clouds.

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