Mountains, Waterfalls and Bats

Mountains, Waterfalls and Bats

Our last full day was spent making the most of the incredible waterfall running through the nearby gorge. I opted to head up to the beginning of the waterfall and work my way down whereas Dad decided to start from just outside the visitor centre.

On reaching the top I decided to start by shooting panoramas with the river in the foreground and the mountain tops in the background. In the past I found it difficult to keep the camera level on such rocky terrain but the Manfrotto self-levelling system on the tripod made it a breeze.

Night fell quickly and as we sat in front of the fire the clouds started to clear. I couldn’t believe it, our last night and we finally had the chance to photograph the stars. It was a fleeting opportunity as the clouds soon reappeared but I did manage this shot with the light trail of a passing car.


We then both headed down to the waterfall in the pitch black to try out light painting. Whilst walking down the path to the falls I wanted to see a Lesser Horseshoe Bat, I knew the walkway would be a perfect place to use the Bushnell Equinox Z night vision. It was brilliant and much better than I expected. It was amazing to see them in flight as they came out of their roost. It was a great way to end the trip.

I hope you enjoyed this blog series and my goal is to try and keep the blog up and running as much as I can. Check back soon to see more.

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