A Conference With Rhinos ???

A Conference With Rhinos ???

Yesterday I was lucky enough to have been invited to Chessington World of Adventures for the product launch of the Bushnell Aggressor series! This isn’t usually my scene so I was unsure of what to expect.

On arrival I was greeted by the friendly face of Kate McRae, otherwise known as Wildlife Kate! First thing first was a presentation of the awesome new products from Bushnell including the new Aggressor Trail Cameras. As someone who usually doesn’t really take much notice of the technical side, more of a get it and get it out type, it was really interesting to get a detailed overview of each individual model and the key differences between them ( for example the No-Glow and Low-Glow models).


When the topic of the Bushnell Wireless came up I was on tender hooks. This model has previously been a pain to setup and I was intrigued to see if there was an easy guide on setting up the guide. I was in luck and the team presented a super easy guide on the Bushnell website that takes you through the whole process. So if like me you have trouble with the Wireless model do go and check out the website, saves a lot of hassle.

Kate and Gareth’s presentations were the ones I was most looking forward to. As usual Kate graced us with incredibly intimate footage of the wildlife that makes its home at her local wildlife hotspot, YewView. I would highly recommend that you go and check out Kate’s website (www.wildlifekate.wordpress.com) and keep an eye on her live cameras. Gareth’s presentation on using Bushnell’s to monitor Goshawks was stunning and I have to say it was some of the very best footage of this particular species.


Now the main event, the thing everyone was looking forward to. The Zufari ! I can definitely save that it was an unusual conference but who can complain about seeing rhinos and other cool wildlife. The Manfrotto team as usual were taking it all in their stride, clear to see by their faces! After the second round in the jeep we thought we’d had out fill but no they sent us round again, much to the begging of everyone not to.





The main event was just around the corner and was the one we had eagerly awaited to see. The rhinos !


It was a laugh and one of the most fun and enjoyable conferences I’ve been to. Big thanks to all the Bushnell team for putting on such a great day!

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