Trip Of A Lifetime !

Trip Of A Lifetime !

So I’ve kept it pretty close to the chest but I recently travelled to the Canadian Rockies ! It has always been a dream location to visit and photograph the awesome fauna and flora of the region. So when Ashleigh Scully, another brilliant young wildlife photographer, invited me out and show me around I jumped at the chance. Now at the time I had no clue what I was doing at university at the time of the trip but this was not an opportunity to be missed, who would say no to visiting the Canadian Rockies !

Arriving in Newark I felt like I’d had a ride in the Delorean, flying eight and a half hours back in time around the world tends to make you just that little bit tired. But I was greeting with a warm welcome from Ashleigh and her dad Gerry. A short ride home after a quick bite to eat and we were only a few hours from flying to the heart of British Columbia to meet our friends, and guides for the trip, Connor Stefanison and Jess Findlay.


Running off UK time I was still half awake at about 3am and heading out at four meant sleep just wasn’t really an option. But the excitement for the main event kept me going. Check back soon to catch up on part two where I get one of my best shots from the trip !

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