Coastal Adventure

Coastal Adventure

After having not been up to much photography due to other commitments, not to mention the Coronavirus lockdown here in the UK, it was nice to get out with the camera. Heading out to spend the day with my old man we went to Climpton Beach.

I was raring to go with my Manfrotto ND filters to shoot some slow exposures. After having not shot a lot I was excited to show some new images. Arriving at low tide we walked up and down to seek out a few decent looking spots. First place that looked promising were the jagged rocks that were slowly being drowned by the incoming tide. It was a great place to start and good getting to grips with the filters and fine tuning the settings.

As the tide was slowly making it’s way up the beach my attention turned to the groynes which were also getting smaller and smaller as the water rose. Now you’d think that it would be easy to shoot large structures but I was also interested and intent of getting some foreground interest. Now just behind the groynes were what I presumed were the remnants of older structures. This made for a pleasing foreground with interest also in the background in the way of the new structure. In order to get the right height I positioned he tripod at almost ground level, mindful go the incoming tide.

The resulting image.

As the tide was almost to the top of the beach I decided to focus on the groyne as a structure and also the wind turbines in the distance. The result of a long exposure is a calming seascape.

As we walked the shoreline we found a variety of things. The most interesting were the Thornback Ray and Bull Huss (shark species) egg cases. Often referred to as ‘mermaids purses’ the empty egg cases often wash up on the shoreline. Exciting signs of sharks in UK waters !