Having grown up in London I sought wild spaces and the wildlife that called those places home. I’ve grown up with an interest in nature since I can remember and I spent most of my time collecting all manner of bugs and creatures, generally anything with more than two legs. As I grew older I realised the potential of photography to get others interested in getting outdoors to see wildlife.

After many years collecting things on my adventures I took up photography to show others the wildlife I saw. My Dad had an interest in landscape photography and so each time he upgraded his camera I would get the hand me downs. My first camera was a Canon 20D and was the camera I shot my first award winning image with, so thanks Dad ! We would often go out exploring places and it was always great to see what one another had shot. He was the landscape photographer and I was the wildlife photographer so it worked out great and often we would both see things the other hadn’t.

The interest in using the camera as a tool for education grew and I went on to study photojournalism and documentary photography at the University of Arts in London. Whilst there I saw the power of narrative and I now continue this through my work. My most recent photo essay has been documenting local conservationist who have been building nesting rafts to aid in successful breeding of the Common Loon.

Through my photography I have achieved recognition in a number of competitions included twice commended in the internationally prestigious Wildlife Photographer of The Year competition and 2014 Young British Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

This year I recently moved from the UK and now reside in Canada, I am now aptly known as Grizzly Adams, some may say I have grown into the name with the beard and long hair ! As I have mainly focused previous work on wildlife in the UK it sure was a shock when I checked my trail cameras and instead of a fox raiding the local garbage I got a bear selfie. Having already spent the past few months in Canada I have been monitoring local areas in search of big predators. I am currently concentrating my time utilising camera traps to photograph these predators in pockets of privately owned land.

I see my photography as a way to inspire others to appreciate its beauty and influence a positive awareness towards conservation actively supporting and contributing to conservation initiatives . I have great interest in local conservation stories and shining a light on those brilliant individuals working to preserve wild places.

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