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Every year the annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year graces us with the world’s most stunning imagery, and this year was no different! The odds are ever stacked against photographers with the competition’s standard reaching ever higher highs with the Young winners really showing their worth. What strikes me about the competition is that the young winners don’t only win an award but they get to meet other young people who have the burning passion for the outdoors. Often wildlife photography can be a solitary affair but here at the awards stories are told. By sharing these stories the wildlife of today will have a future tomorrow. A truly harrowing situation lies in the illegal ivory trade of South Africa. Central Africa has lost 64 percent of its elephants in the last decade. But there is hope, photographer Brent Stirton has spent many years working with local Rangers and park

It is with great pleasure that I can announce that one of my images “Super Blood Moon” will appear in the 2015 Outdoor Photographer of the Year Portfolio book. This is the first year in which the competition is producing a book and so I am over the moon that I have been chosen to be a part of it.

So we are well into the new year and Spring is fast approaching. Recently I have been working on the second part of my fox project, working with the foxes at night. As you can imagine this has been a lot harder and has bought it’s own difficulties but the rewards are hugely satisfying. As you know I have been working with my foxes on and off since April last year and has been a great experience for me seen as it has been my first project which I have invested a lot of time into. The second part as I have said is photographing them at night, now to do this I have been working with camera trap. These are small units in which an infrared beam is broken by subject and sets off the camera, I have had varying degrees of success with them and have now got