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So with continued sunshine and glorious warm weather me and Dad headed over to Warnham Nature Reserve. It had been many years since we last were over at the reserve and wanted to see how it and the wildlife were doing. Pulling up to the car park we saw a large new building on the water front. Walking over we saw that they had started work on a large water front bird hide, it looked similar to the main observatory hide at WWT Barnes in London. The widlife didn’t seem to mind in the slightest with terns soaring through the summer breeze and marsh frogs belting out a chorus of croaky tunes. As we scanned the main lake we could clearly see at least a pair of Common terns circling the lake in search of prey and divebombing the surface in the hope of locking on to an unsuspecting fish.

With lockdown continuing and no real idea when it will be lifted it can often be a hard time for many. Although if you look at it in a more positive light it is a great time for many to realise that the small things can often bring so much joy. Something simple as waking up before the sun rises and going for a walk can be a refreshing way to start the day and put you in a more productive mood for the day. You can feel like a bit of a loose end and this is true for myself having been furloughed whilst my work place remains closed. Having always admired my father’s work on his woodland photography I headed out to the woods to see what I could photograph. This time taking a single camera and lens combination with no tripod, to most landscape photographers not taking