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I recently appeared on “Wild” a great new Childrens series on the CBBC Channel. Its all about about …well getting out and going WILD !!! Here’s some pics of my fantastic weekend with the BBC Wild production team at Plas Y Brenin in Wales…thank you guys it was an epic weekend I will never forget !!! You can watch Wild on BBC iPlayer, its the first episode “Mountains” (my clip is about half way through).

Behind The Lens with Josh – Veolia Environment Wildlife Photographer of The Year

This afternoon me and Dad decided to go to a place called Papercourt meadow in Ripley as there had been reports of owls . So we set off and after passing a small piece of traffic we arrived near the River Wey were we followed it up to were the owls were meant to be. We followed the river and I almost walked straight past a trio of roe deer who where staring straight at me. I stopped still and they carried on grazing  I then photographed them for a good 20 minutes with Dad trailing behind me. They eventually moved off into the scrub. Walking further up we came across more deer I tried to crawl close to one, getting my knees covered in cold wet mud, but he sensed my presence and bounded away. That’s nature photography for you. We then headed back and saw a photographer who was

Hi there,today ,being sunny and all, I thought I would go out in the garden and photograph flowers for a change. Recently Dad has been telling me to get “clean backgrounds so armed with a pair of tiny scissors I set off in search of some flower pictures with clean background. At first I tried using the tripod which was simply hopeless as I couldn’t get the tripod to go down low enough so all the images you see are hand held and manually focused, quite hard when the wind is pushing the flowers all over the place. I hope you like them and expect more when it gets a little warmer 🙂

Today I met up with Alex,Danielle and Josie in London to photograph some of the urban water birds around the royal parks. Our first port of call was Regents park where we started off photographing some geese which looked beautiful in the snow. We then stopped off to look at some herons which gave for some nice portraits  Heading further round the lake we stopped to see some herons fighting over some food which was a first for me. We all decided to go to the cafe to warm up and re-fuel, it was great to see other people’s shots.After a warm hot chocolate and a well earned slice of cake we braved the snowy conditions once more.This time we went around the other side off the lake where we found more herons and a large group of coots,some of which were fighting it out. Me and Alex took some pictures of some

Had another great time at Canons with the barn owl flying meters from us and I also got some good shot of Wheatears.

I had a really great day at Canons even though the weather was terrible. I managed to spot Red-legged partridge,Wheatear and Stonechat on my own. I also saw the Canons farm Barn owl for a second time which was resting in the barn at Reads rest cottages. I managed to get lots of footage and made a short film that day.

The weather outsid has been really bad so I have been bored stiff in the house , until I found my dad’s lighter. I loved seeing every spark and each was completly different to the last. The shapes created where like minature fireworks and found that I slow shutter captured it perfectly. I would totally recomned it as a cure for a rainy day. Good luck 😉

Just been out with the 400mm F2.8 and managed a few robin shots. I hope you enjoy them 🙂

Hi, Today was awesome, me and Dad went to the Isle of Sheppey to hunt down some elusive waders. We traveled to a small bay where thousands of waders could be seen. I started off with the usual sigma and 7D combo when over the sea wall Dad came out with a Canon 400mm 2.8 lens. You can imagine the look on my face when I saw the beast of a lens. After he had a go with it he gave it to me and it was the most brilliant thing I have picked up. The images where extremely sharp and the auto focus was like a bullet. Firing shots I was in heaven. We then traveled around a bit, ending up at Elmley marshes where lapwings where meters from the cars, and literally posing for for the camera. I would like to thank Dad-for taking me to photograph some beautiful birds,David Campbell-For telling