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As the title suggests I haven’t been writing much recently but now is the time to talk about Wildlife photographer of the year 2012 and making new friends. Wildlife photographer of the year 2012 Well I was lucky enough to be short listed in the Wildlife photographer of the year 2012 and managed to get “Specially commended” in my age category. As you can imagine I was over the moon when I received the news my parents had been secretly hiding from me. The build up to the awards was exiting, I had a very busy schedule with events before and after the event such as nature live talks and Wild photos. We were all very exited when we were waiting outside of the museum and it was a bit like going to the Oscars as everyone was “dressed to impress”,black ties and all. When the gates were opened we made our way up to the museum entrance

Hi my name is Joshua Burch, I live in Surrey in the UK and this is my first Blog (Courtesy of my Dad). As you probably guessed from the title its somwhere I can write some stuff about my passion for the natural world and share some of my photos (well its does say budding wild life photographer). Here’s a few to start with…