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A couple of days ago,26/2/12-8:00am and the 27/2/12-8:50am,I set myself the task of photographing garden birds.Well here an overview of the two days- Day 18:23-Blue tits have started checking the bird box near the pond.8:30-Male robins singing.8:34-2 robins on the feeders.8:37-Jackdaw had a quick look but left shortly after arriving.8:40-Squirrel turns up,leaves 5 mins laters.Great tits turn up but leave shortly after.9:04-Blue tit checks pond box again.9:05-Goldcrest spotted!9:18-Great tits on feeders,very wary and leave shortly.Robin feeds on the bird table.9:23-Jay arrives and makes a strange cat-like purr.9:25-Jay leaves.9:40-I leave the hide. Day 28:53 I enter hide.8:55-Fox(Frank) walks past fence.8:58-Blue tits return to check pond box.9:07-Blue tit on fatball feeder,leaves.9:09-Great tits chech the pine tree box.9:11-Pair of long-tailed tits on fatball feeder.9:12-Pair of blackbirds in neighboring garden.9:15-Great tits on feeders.9:20-Great tits leave,blue tits back on feeders,leave.9:25-Pair of collard doves in neighboring tree.9:30-I leave hide.

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilage of meeting Chris at Dorking Halls.Chris was there to show and explain some of his photographs and trips away.I managed to get a signed copy of his calander. Then a week later I went to Doug Allans talk about his experiences in the frozen poles,he was extremly helpful and gave me some realley great advice. Last but most definatly not least I went to Oliver wilkes’s evening,held at Warnam Nature Reserve,on how to improve your photography using photoshop.If you have not heard of Oli then by all means check out his website and comment on his work as it will greatly improve his chances of getting into University. Overall I hold all three in high regard,so my question to you is could you be the next Chris Packam,Doug Allan or Oliver Wilkes ?

Hi guys Just wanted to show you this new set-up for my bird photography.I hope this might give you an idea to help improve your photography.

Yesterday I went up to Pitch Hill in Surrey to shoot landscapes.For this I used my Sigma 10-20mm wide-angle lens.Throughout the day I tried different apertures and f-stops.During the shoot I used up 2 memory cards and only had 1 notch of battery left.Well here are the results.

In recent weeks I have been practising macro photography on my pets as I am fortunate to have 1 Green Anole,1 Crested Gecko,1Chaco Golden knee tarantula and a milk snake. I have¬† been focusing on the eyes of each animal with the best results from my sister’s friend’s Leopard Gecko.