I would love to hear what you think so please feel free to leave some comments, thanks ….Josh

Fantastic news on the British Wildlife Photographer win!!! Absolutely Brilliant. Well done…

Guy Burch

Hey Josh, Great website – I love your macro images, and the foxes are beautiful. Hope things are good!

Ally AFoN, Minsmere

I absolutely love my Owl picture, I am so glad that I saw your work, you’re very talented. Now I just need to find some more wall space so I can purchase some more.

Chantal Harland

Fantastic website, well done in your current success. Sorry I could not make the talks but I see they have gone well. Keep up your work, especially your macro! You’ve got a lot of guestbook entries here, way more than me anyways! Best, Max

Max Brown

Josh, Great new site that when complete will rightly complement your talent. Great pictures. We are proud to have some hanging on our walls and they all attract comment from visitors. It is truly lovely to see such talent and we wish you every success in all that you do in the future. Will be keeping an eye on your site so that I don’t miss anything. Regards Bob

Bob Ryan
Love all your photos Josh. Congratulations on your very successful exhibition at Sutton Library, the first of many. You are certainly very talented and very patient waiting to capture that very special moment on camera that nature offers. Thank you for allowing us to share those moments through your photographs. We are all very proud of you and what you have achieved so far. Looking forward to seeing many more photos in the future.




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(22) Millicent Printer
Fri, 18 December 2015 15:07:33

Josh, Wonderful pictures. I cannot wait to see what is next to come, lovely to see you at the Wildlife awards. It has been a pleasure watching your skill and talent grow over the years. Here is to many amazing photos to come.

(21) Jeff
Fri, 24 April 2015 20:51:29

Beautiful web site Joshua. Really enjoyed the fox images. I wish you luck in the future.


(20) Millie Stuart
Wed, 22 April 2015 19:42:55

Josh! You continue to inspire me everyday with your wild life photography..! Also congratulations to your parents for raising such an inspiring and well mannered man. I can't wait to see the man you turn into and here is to many more years more years of beautiful photography!


(19) Nick Anderson and Family - even the sleepy ones!
Sun, 22 February 2015 21:53:10

Hi Joshua
It was lovely o meet you today at the Natural History Museum. Your talk was great and truly inspiring. It was nice to meet someone with a non pretentious love of photography.
You clearly have great skill yet continue to pursue even better shots to share with the world. So many admirable qualities in someone so young.
Thanks for answering my sons question, he really appreciated it - He would have had more if he hadn't been so exhausted which was a lucky escape for you really ;)
We wish you continued success in all you do and look forward to seeing more of your "work" in the future.

Best Wishes


(18) Patzi Shepperson
Sat, 24 January 2015 08:41:08

Hi Joshua,

I think your photographic skills and your passion for nature is truly inspiring.

Would love to flag up It's Our World with you. The aim is to create the UK's largest online gallery of artworks celebrating the environment as seen through the eyes of nation's future custodians (aged 4-19 years). Artworks accepted in any medium including photography as part of UK's contribution to UN World Environment Day. Would like to invite you to be an Ambassador to inspire others to capture a view of their world through the art of photography. Looking forward to hearing from you.


(17) Gill Ward
Sun, 16 November 2014 16:40:52

Seriously impressed with your talk at the Natural History Museum yesterday - confident, engaging and interesting. Well done - you've got an amazing future ahead of you. Your mum and dad must be pretty proud!

(16) Ally AFoN, Minsmere
Thu, 18 September 2014 13:37:15

Hey Josh,
Great website - I love your macro images, and the foxes are beautiful.
Hope things are good!

(15) Guy Burch
Fri, 5 September 2014 22:24:16

Fantastic news on the British Wildlife Photographer win!!! Absolutely Brilliant. Well done...

(14) Guy
Sat, 28 June 2014 09:57:39

Love the birds of prey but think insects are still tops - the two Damsel Flies seen through a leaf was inspired.

(13) John Burch
Mon, 16 June 2014 14:30:59

Hi Josh - I've been having a nose at your web site again and it is as superb as ever with some incredible images.

I thought I'd tell you about a good friend of mine who I'm sure you'd find interesting. His name is Steve Drake and he is an old work colleague of mine. These days he does a lot of web design work, but has combined this with his hobby, which is wildlife photograph the same as you. He has a nature reserve near his home where he does a lot of work for the group that look after the location. He has a very good web site that might encourage you to visit. If you go to you will find the site. The location is on the fringe of West Essex and East London and is not far from the Rainham Marshes site that I think you've visited in the past. Steve would be delighted if you would comment on his work and I have in turn suggested he look at your work too.

He's a real wildlife photography enthusiast and really enjoys visiting new sites to see what he can find. I'm sure he would enjoy an exchange or two with you.

Keep up the good work.

Uncle John.


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  1. D.Burch

    Your dad and his brothers have used all the words of praise bar one that I would use and that is your wonderful determination to achieve the set up to obtain these wild life photographs.It takes knoledge. contacts and and trust to obtain these shots so maintain the contacts and do not be a fraid of making new ones.Dennis (the menace )

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