Low level Shooting

Sorry for the lack of postings, I have been really busy( working with  World Wetlands Trust, getting more sponsors,talks at the Natural History Museum and more importantly my GCSE’s, which are in about five weeks time).  But a week ago I got the chance to visit Richmond Park for a days photography, and I have to to say it was great getting out after the dreadful weather that had practically flooded everywhere apart from where I live.  The weather had since improved vastly with the sun breaking through the clouds which meant a brief showering of sunshine bringing the British public out in good spirits. Now back to Richmond, I didn’t have a specific target but I found myself drawn to the Pen Ponds which hosted a variety of ducks and the fighting coots were simply too good  to resist. My approach was to lay down in between the reeds on the bank and wait for the birds to come to me, and this technique proved rather successful with the Pochards and Coots coming exceedingly close, which lead to some really close up head shots. The fighting coots were pretty fast so they will need another visit to target them specifically but other than that I am fairly pleased with my results and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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