Fox Project

Urbanisation in the Unite3d Kingdom is growing year on year. As a result wildlife is running into more conflict with humans. The red fox has often been viewed as vermin by the public and their urbanisation in towns and cities atracts mxied opinions.

The Fox Project takes a more positive view through the rehabilitation and rescue of the UK’s urban fox population. Evry year the project take in around 800 foxes, including several hundred cubs. Often cubs get trapped in gardens in items such as footbal netting. Most of the time the vixen is nearby and it is a straight forward process to reunite the cub with its mother. In other more complicated situations the cubs are taken to the Fox Project where they are cared for by dedicated team until they are ready to be released back into the wild. When they graduate to adulthood the foxes are transferred to a soft release pen. These pens are pivitol in getting the foxes ready for release and are often set up in the gardens of volunteer members of the public.

As well as taking on the job of rehabilitation the porject gives advice to the general public to avoid any unwanted human conflict. Volunteers such as Taz are invaluable to the succes of the porject.