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Had some great news today after finding out I’d won the 12-18 category in the British Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition. Can’t say how thrilled and I am at getting the award especially given all the other fantastic entries. I thought it might be nice to provide a little bit of background to my image. I live in a typical suburban road but which also borders on lots of open spaces and farm land so with the best of both worlds so to speak we’ve always been lucky enough to have foxes on our doorstep. Typically they would frequent neighbours gardens who after playful games would curl up in a favourite corner for a quiet snooze, most of which I would watch from bedroom window. The year before last a vixen and a one eyed dog fox which I presumed to be her mate regularly began to venture into

Recently I joined 7 other young wildlife photographers on a 3 day trip to the Farne Isles,Northumberland . The first leg of our journey involved a four and a half hour train journey from Kings Cross station to Newcastle and then on to another train to reach our accommodation. When we arrived Max opened his case to reveal a huge bag of cider, from that point on we just knew it would be an exiting trip. In the evening we all decided to walk down to the beach to photograph the glorious sunset and to get our bearings of the area. The sunset was as glorious as you could get, the light was beautiful and allowed for some really great photo opportunities. The next morning we got picked up by the taxi and we dropped of in the harbour where we boarded Billy Shiel’s boat trip and headed towards the

Well it’s been a good year and one that I will most defiantly remember. From the thousands of images I took this year I have chosen 13 of my top images as well as two events that made the year. Before you read on I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has spurd me on and supported me through all my photographic efforts. I will name a few, if I miss I am sorry but there are just too many people to thank.I would first like to say a huge thank you to David Campbell as he has taken me all over the country searching for rare birds and treating me to trips to the Isle of Sheppey, also I would like to say a big thank you to the Young photographers on Facebook who have been really great at telling me their thoughts about my

Today I headed off with fellow photographers David Campbell and Danielle Connor to the Isle of Sheppey. Waking up at 5:30 am I was switched the TV on for a bit only to hear of a major storm which would most likely cause severe delays. I thought it was going to be murder but it wasn’t as bad as they made it out to be. Firstly we checked out Leysdown to try and photograph some waders but we were too late because the tide had receded quite a way out so we were cold and the winds really started to pick up. We got in the car but there was a problem, the car wouldn’t start so me and Danielle had to push it out of the mud and get rocks from the beach to wedge under the wheels. We got covered in mud but it was satisfying after we

Hi all, been very busy with mock exams(one week to go) but just before the exam I headed down to Poole Harbour to be part of a project organised by AFON(a focus on nature) which got primary school kids out on a bird watching boat trip for the day. We arrived on the Sunday,earlier than expected, and dropped our bags off at the very nice antelope hotel, and headed to Arne nature reserve(mainly in search of the spoon bills). I had checked the day before to see if they were still about but there was not any news of them but when we arrived at the hide we were greeted by 16 adult spoonbills, first ever for me. Although they were too far away for good pictures I enjoyed watching their behavior,mainly sleeping, through my binoculars.Heading back to the car park me and Danielle stopped off at the visitor centre